Let’s try live cam, eh? Add us on yahoo @ Cara_And_Foo

So, today will be an experiment. We’ve opened up our yahoo to accept everyone for camera privileges.  Yup.  We start a somewhat full access to our lives now.  This is one features the full site will be providing you with.  Granted, right now all we’re using is the yahoo cam application and a shitty built in on a few years old laptop.  This is one of the reasons we decided to try and go full-time with a proper site; revenue.  We need to re- venue some things, and one of them is crappy equipment.  If you like what we do, and it’s not always going to be all sex, live cam shows and “Do this! Do that!” ( I got out of production porn because I disliked being told what to do when I either wasn’t ready, or wasn’t really in the mood to do it ), but a relaxed look into our days.  Now, granted, there is usually some form of sex happening during the day, and possibly the night as well.  Stay tuned, and see what you see.  Maybe on an evening soon, we’ll sit down and give a little more based on requests. :)  After all…a cam-whore I be! But, on my terms.



One thought on “Let’s try live cam, eh? Add us on yahoo @ Cara_And_Foo

  1. Clay says:

    These are two special people meet them and enjoy them.

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