Cara and Foo Adult Toy Store Opening Soon!

We’ve started the coding and file dbase work for the Toy Store.  We will be offering the Nation’s top 100 sellers….AT COST ( plus a non-padded shipping cost $8.80 ), our prices will be the best around!  Just our way of saying thank you for being around and part of our lives.  If there’s anything you might want to buy that we don’t showcase, then send us a link to it on sale somewhere else, or a name and description.  If the supplier has it, we’ll extend the same priceline to you.  And they supply to almost all of the Adult Novelty Stores nationwide, so we can get pretty much anything.

We offer products from:

  • Anabolic
  • Doc Johnson
  • California Exotic Novelties
  • Pipedream Products
  • Tantus ( feeeldoes anyone? )

We’ll have everything and anything for your lube, pegging, bondage and all kinks vanilla to extreme.

Below are some sample prices.

(All items shipped securely in standard USPS boxes and shipping labels read; FROM: iShopOnline, all billing reads: iShopOnline )

Doc Johnson – The Realistic Cock 8 Inch Flesh

$36 Includes Shipping Costs

Average Joe Miguel The Bartender Dildo Waterproof 7.5 Inch Flesh

$21 ( Includes Shipping Costs )

Fetish Fantasy Shock Therapy Remote Control

$33 ( Includes Shipping Costs )

Brief period of differences

Foo will unfortunately be away for a while, so I Cara will have to be in charge of all this. He is the mastermind and my rock, so I am a bit lost without him to be honest. I appreciate everyone’s patience and support as I work through this awkward time. I will still continue posting things, with my own spin.

I have a slew of new pics to post, and I will be working on new videos as well, and probably writing some erotica too. Perhaps some captioned pics of myself, or if the audience out there wants to submit ideas, I’m happy to at least listen and possibly implement. ^_^


While watching TV on the couch…


Ok, some background color; We’re watching the most recent Resident Evil tragedy on Starz this afternoon, and of course, we’re shooting suppositions and pointing out the fallacious statements and realities.  Somewhere we get on the topic of ordnance and equipment and I say something akin to, “Ya know what was a bad-ass statement?  Charlton Heston saying at the NRA rally with the rifle above his head; ‘The only way you are getting this is out of my cold, dead hands!’”


Reply?   “Yeah, but it lost some poignancy when he started calling the press, ‘You Damn Dirty Apes!’”


I love her, in sooo many ways.



Words from Foo

“We all think we’re facing the inside of a closet door, searching for the strength to turn the knob, when all we have to do is turn around and see we’re in a room full of other people like us.”

  It may be a simplified way of saying it, and I wish that for everyone it were a simple fete to pull off.  But, in reality we usually have to give something up, let go of something other than our fears to grasp at what we want.  No matter the issue.  I could be talking about being gay, trans, or a straight man that needs to develop a desire for fly fishing, but still has a fear of something new.  Life looks like closets.  Little cubes where we try and feel the comfort of the close walls, solid surfaces to shore up our sides, egos and selfs.  Turn around, find the names of some people in your closet, see how big the room really is. 

There are more like you. 

You are unique, yes.  Other people share your uniqueness, your quality, your passions, your desires and loves.  Don’t obsess about that doorknob and threshold, turn to the room and start a conversation with those around you.


No porn today, kiddies.  Instead I give you kitties.


Now, go hug someone that you think doesn’t understand you.

(If nothing else it’ll keep them off balance)